Sump Pump Install & Repair Vancouver

Whether you're looking to replace an existing pump or pump system, require assistance with the installation of a new one, or are interested in a regular maintenance plan - we can help!

Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

Pump systems play an important role in drainage piping systems that are unable to drain via gravity. Pumps provide the muscle needed to lift fluid and effluent up to an elevation where it can be tied into a regular gravity drain system. In Vancouver it is very common for homeowners to have a sump pump system or sewage pump system operating in their home. Rivet Service Group repairs and installs pump systems in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the Vancouver area.

Storm pumps

These pumps are used for various grey water or stormwater collections. They could be used in many different applications such as a basement suite with a high water table, a deep basement or a below-ground parkade, for example.

Sewage pumps

These pumps are used for the sole purpose of moving sewage. You will typically see them in basement suites of older homes to serve the addition of plumbing fixtures, homes where conventional drainage piping was not an option or businesses that could not accommodate a gravity type drain.

1 pump or 2

Single Pump Systems vs. Duplex or Two Pump Systems. The main difference between having 2 pumps instead of one is redundancy. If one pump goes down or fails to operate you have the security of the second pump. It's good insurance and paired with an alarm mechanism it is very effective offering peace of mind in keeping water damage restoration companies away.

Maintenance is key

Like with all things mechanical, pumps have moving parts and must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. To keep things running smoothly routine maintenance must be performed to check the following:

  • The pump barrel is free of debris and sediment
  • All floats are working as designed
  • Regular lubrication of pump itself and component
  • Test operation of alarm

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