Camera Drain Pipe Inspections Vancouver

With cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, we provide thorough inspections of your drainage systems, utilizing advanced camera equipment to uncover even the most elusive problems hidden within your pipes. Whether you're experiencing recurring blockages, slow drainage, or suspect underlying issues, our meticulous approach ensures a detailed assessment, empowering you with the insights needed to make informed decisions for effective solutions.

Problems in underground piping such as sewer lines, perimeter drainage systems and storm piping can be difficult to find and diagnose. Drainage Pro provides video camera inspections and line locating to provide a real-time view of inside your piping system to provide the information needed to diagnose a problem efficiently and quickly. We serve North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the Vancouver area.


  • Non-invasive information gathering of pipe locations and potential drainage problems.
  • Eliminates guesswork.
  • Saves time as no digging or disruption of the property is required.
  • Saves money by speeding up the diagnosis time.

Many uses

  • As part of a preventative maintenance program to identify issues before they become problems
  • To identify the cause of a clogged drain or pipe blockage so it can be repaired
  • For line locating purposes when the need to map out an existing pipe route arises
  • For Home Inspections

How it works

A camera drain inspection involves inserting a specialized waterproof camera into your drainage system to visually assess its condition. The camera transmits real-time footage to a monitor, allowing our technicians to identify any blockages, leaks, or other issues within the pipes. Following the inspection, our technicians will provide you with a detailed report outlining their findings, including any issues discovered, recommendations for repairs or maintenance, and footage from the inspection for your records.

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"The service is above and beyond. Not only did they come last minute but they showed me the problem and how to repair it in the future. On time and much better price then I was quoted at other businesses."

Kali F.

"I have been using them for quite some time and I am very happy with them. Super simple to deal with, reliable and fair price. Always do what they say and arrive on time. They go above and beyond"

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"Very well experienced and helpful people. They looked after a restoration project for me from start to finish. Great results!"

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